Customer Spotlight: Team uses Limnu to collaborate on image processing algorithms

Jacob Norda is the founder of Cedar Lake Ventures, building tools that enable people to quickly create professional images at a low-cost. Jacob collaborates with his business partner, James Diebel, on a daily basis to define and develop these algorithms. Since they live 2000 miles apart they use Limnu whiteboards to help facilitate these discussions.

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Customer Spotlight: Ray Tracing author uses Limnu to draw illustrations for his book

Peter Shirley is a distinguished research scientist at NVIDIA, a company known for its graphics cards and programmable graphic processor technologies. His research focus includes computer graphics, computational photography and imaging, ray tracing and more.

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Customer Spotlight: AI researcher uses Limnu to explain complicated concepts

His name is Rommel Martinez and he is an independent artificial intelligence researcher, and a part-time philosopher and artist. Check out his blog, The Musings of a Pedant where he discusses topics ranging from Common Lisp, to the importance of retrospect when faced with a challenge.

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Customer Spotlight: Josephine Yeh uses Limnu to mentor students

Josephine Yeh, J.D. ( runs a boutique business specializing in academic mentoring, test preparation, and dynamic problem solving. Based in Brooklyn, NY, she mentors students to excel on high school and college admissions exams by using interactive and creative puzzle solving strategies.

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The story behind the acquisition story

Our last blog post contained the press release for our recent acquisition by ZipSocket. Like most press releases, it was high level with some quotes sprinkled between a few facts. Now for the REAL scoop behind the acquisition and what you can expect from us in the future.

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ZipSocket acquires Limnu

San Mateo, Calif. (August 14, 2018) - ZipSocket, the online meeting tool maker, announced the acquisition today of Limnu, the online collaborative whiteboard company. The transaction brings together Limnu’s smooth, responsive drawing capabilities with ZipSocket’s machine intelligence to provide a powerful and promising new collaboration platform for customers.

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Jamboard too expensive? Limnu is a great alternative.

Limnu was one of the featured solution in TechRepublic's recent article: Google Jamboard too pricy? Here are 4 low-cost virtual whiteboard app alternatives. They had this to say, "Even if a high-end conference room touchscreen is beyond your budget, you might still explore these virtual whiteboards for your team."

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Communicating with Pictures — Customer Story

I work with people from Africa and Middle east, and found out, that Limnu is superb to use, when we communicate. A painting or a picture can tell more exactly, when I have to explain something for them, when they don't speak well danish.

— Bjarne H. (Denmark)

Glad to hear it and thanks for sharing Bjarne!

Limnu Pins just got better!

Pins Just Got Better!

Pins are awesome — they let you make lists and keep track of things, they let you send a link to a specific part of a whiteboard, and now they are even better.

Pins in Limnu

Let’s start with the basics—what are pins?

Pins are similar to how they work on a map, you can mark a certain location on your Limnu whiteboard. This is extra handy since Limnu is an infinite whiteboard in all directions.

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Limnu named one of the Best Online Whiteboards with Realtime Collaboration

Get VOIP cover shot

With all the news of Google's Jamboard coming out we're seeing a renewed interest in online whiteboard solutions — in fact their announcement more than tripled our website visitors the day of their big announcement.

 Interested in Google Jamboard but looking for an alternative that doesn't require a $6k hardware purchase? Check us out, VOIP did and had this to say:

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