About Limnu

Limnu complements video conferencing for remote teams, the way a real whiteboard complements an office or meeting room. It is simple enough for anyone to pick up and use during a video meeting and supports brainstorming and discussion without breaking the flow of ideas. Limnu is fast enough to feel tactile, like you're drawing on a real whiteboard, and fast enough to collaborate in real time while you're chatting with your colleagues.

We are a technology development firm whose mission is to create brilliant social applications that enable and empower teams of people who wish to collaborate, communicate and create whether or not they are in the same room.

Our Team

We decided to build Limnu after years of trying to find a decent online whiteboard, something that was actually made for brainstorming.

David (grue) DeBry David (grue) DeBry CEO & Co-Founder

Grue likes finding the right tools for the job, and so for 20 years has made it his mission to build collaboration tools for films, games, and the web. He's worked for DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, and Industrial Light & Magic, on productions like the EA's Spore game and the Matrix films. Grue studied mathematics at the University of Utah.

David Hart David Hart CTO & Co-Founder

David likes to come up with excuses to mix art and engineering in order to make interactive visuals. David has worked for Lucid Software, Disney, and PDI/DreamWorks, and led engineering efforts on the Cars 2 & Disney Infinity console games, and the Shrek & Madagascar series of films. David studied computer graphics at Cornell University.