Educator Plan

Use Limnu in the classroom.

Bring the flexibility of a whiteboard to technology students are familiar with.

Limnu is pleased to offer educators free Pro plan for the duration of their class. Students using Limnu boards created by an educator get full access on those boards. If you’re an educator and would like to be a part of this program, please sign up for a free trial and then contact us.

How Educators are using Limnu

We've heard from educators at schools all around the world. Limnu is being used to:

  • Share ideas with other educators across a school district. 
  • Collaborative brainstorming with a class. 
  • Explain material. 
  • Tutor, in person and remote. 
  • Review lesson plans with substitute teachers.
  • Run on large screen learning carts.

Limnu for Educators Press Mentions

Apply for our educator discount and we'll work with you to get digital whiteboards in the hands of your students.

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